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Our company was founded on a tradition of pride and excellence. While much has changed about us over the years, that legacy remains with us at every turn. It’s what governs our business practices—and what lets our services shine. We are committed to meeting the highest of fingerprinting standards in the industry. Up-to-date training, regular professional development, continual organizational improvements: We spare no expense in upholding our reputation and staying at the peak of our craft.

Our clients have come to expect the very best from us, and we think you should be able to as well

We offer industry-leading FBI criminal background checks and online fingerprinting services at Secure Background. We can assist you  in handling uncertainties and make your workplace, partners, and law enforcement safer.

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Speed- Our team is trained to ensure that the documentation is completed in a timely manner. You only need to provide a photo ID with your date of birth and the employer's name and address. We ensure that your fingerprinting and FBI criminal background check are completed in a matter of days using our mobile fingerprinting services.

Accuracy- To capture your fingerprints and access criminal records, we employ the industry's best electronic fingerprinting scanners, as well as a full background check. The information we provide is really accurate.

Convenience- You can arrange an appointment with us from the comfort of your own home by selecting a date and time. Simply go to our website and make a reservation.

Professionalism- Our staff is well-trained and experienced. They go through extensive training before being assigned to client engagements.

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What Is the Process?

To rule out any instances of criminal histories, most employers require a thorough background check on the employee. Your fingerprint is taken and sent to the state of Ohio and the FBI for a thorough background check.

After roughly 1- 30 days, we obtain a report, which is then submitted to the employer.